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Term Life Insurance

Has a specific duration. Your beneficiaries will get a pay out if you pass on within this duration, usually 10, 20 or 30 years. Term life is especially attractive to young families since premiums are cheaper compared to permanent insurance.

Permanent Life Insurance

Remains active for your whole life unless you stop paying the premiums or cancel the policy. Permanent is generally more expensive than term life insurance.

Critical Illness Insurance

Protect yourself in the event that you get critically ill. Also known as dread disease insurance, the critical illness cover is a long term policy that caters for serious illnesses named in the policy document.

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Buying life insurance online is cheaper, easier, and simpler than you think.

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More and more Canadians are turning to the new and revolutionary way of buying life insurance – buying online. They want a fast process that’s hassle-free and insurance advice that’s objective. Here’s what they have to say about our services.

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I’ve taken out a policy and feel much more secure and confident about my financial position now, thanks to the simple and straightforward manner in which all the information was presented. I recommend this site to anyone who doesn’t understand life insurance that well and wants things easy so they can make a decision.

Geoffrey from Vancouver, British Columbia

My husband and I were really impressed by how quickly and easily we were able to compare rates between the different insurance companies. Unlike my past experience when buying insurance I found the online process to be much simpler.”

Kristy from Toronto, Ontario

Saves you a trip to the insurance provider or broker, or a meeting with a commission-hungry agent.”

Marc from Calgary, Alberta

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